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School Values

Our Vision
Achieving excellence together, through belonging, community and aspiration. 

Our Values 


  • We enable children to become confident, successful and independent learners

  • ​We support every child to make good progress and achieve their very best

  • We foster resilience, perseverance and self motivation

  • We promote honesty and integrity

  • We set high standards of behaviour

  • We encourage pupils to take responsibility and show initiative

  • We develop respect, care and compassion

  • We provide a balanced curriculum which develops the love of learning, creativity and critical thinking

  • We respect everyone and celebrate the school's diverse community: background, race, gender, disability, culture and religion

  • We foster collaboration, teamwork and the ability to listen

  • We work in partnership with our parents, carers and the wider community

  • We communicate clearly and frequently with everyone

  • ​We identify and build on the strengths and talents of individuals

  • We open minds to opportunities and new experiences

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