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Welcome to Falcons Class -Years 5 & 6

Class Teacher: Jo Kingscott

Learning Journey

This half term our learning journey questions are:



How can I be responsible for keeping myself safe? 

This will involve the children learning about how to keep themselves safe outside of school. From keeping personal data safe and when knowing to report events that make us unhappy, the children will learn vital life long skills. 



As a Historian, how influential were the Ancient Greek legends? Our history enquiry will enable the children to get a sense of how Ancient Greek legends, myths, Gods and Goddesses shaped society for the Greeks. We will be looking at what is a myth and legend and if there are any differences. Once we have established this, we will move on to looking at a variety of myths and legends from the Ancient Greek era. This will enable the children to produce their final outcome – to write their very own modern-day myth or legend based on our character trait of compassion. 

PE Days

Our PE day is every Thursday. We are lucky enough to have Exeter City Football club, who are taking the sessions in the first half term. The children last year truly benefitted from these sessions, learning vital skills such as how to be a good team player, how to communicate during games and how to cope when a game didn’t go as planned. Please ensure that your child comes in with the correct PE kit – white t-shirt, black shorts/ leggings or jogging bottoms and trainers.


Outdoor Learning – should it be Forest School?

Our outdoor learning is on a Monday. Please ensure that your child has the appropriate clothing (water proof coats, wellies in the wetter and colder months and sun cream and sun hats in the warmer, sunnier months). Our outdoor sessions are a fantastic opportunity for the children to develop skills in team building, communication and problem solving. 



This year, year 5 and 6 will be recording their reading through a reading journal. This is a chance for your child to be creative when recording their reading at home. Once the child is finished, we would like them to create a double page review about the book. What type of book is it? What was the plot? What did they enjoy? What didn’t they enjoy? Any funny moments? Any powerful messages behind the book? What did they learn? Along with the reflection, we encourage the children to be creative – key words, phrases, quotes that stood out, drawings of characters, settings. Children should be bringing in their reading book into school as there are opportunities everyday for the children to be reading for pleasure.



In Falcons Class this half term in maths, we are starting the year by looking at place value. This will involve the children reasoning their answers by collaborating together as well as proving their answers with resources. Homework will be set based on the learning that we have covered in our lessons, to enable the children to demonstrate their understanding as well as cementing the knowledge.



The children are expected to read for at least 10 minutes every day. They are also expected to practice their times tables (Times Tables Rockstars will support this) and weekly spellings. In addition to this, we set another piece of work based on what we are learning in class. Homework books are expected to be handed in every Thursday and will be sent home every Friday. After Christmas, Y6 children are given SATs Buster booklets and will be asked to complete one of the 10 minutes tests each week.

Key Performance Indicators - Y5 & Y6


Autumn Term 1
Autumn Term Curriculum Map
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