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Newtown Primary School Uniform

It is our policy that children wear school uniform when attending our school. Our uniform is designed to be smart and practical. We have ensured that the majority or our uniform is widely available at retailers such as supermarkets so as to avoid unnecessary expense.


Stitch2 Print

Any items with a logo are available for purchase from Stitch2Print on the following link Stitch2Print. Stitch2Print are also able to add initials to some products, and if provided with a blue jumper they can add the logo, please contact them for further information. Stitch2Print will deliver uniform to your home or you can collect from their shop. They will also hold regular pop-up shops at Newtown, so you are able to try on uniform. 

Thomas Moore

You are also able to purchase logoed uniform from Thomas Moore in Exeter - 102/104 Fore St, Exeter EX4 3JB

School uniform is:

  • Royal blue Newtown sweatshirt, cardigan or fleece with logo

  • White polo shirt (no logo required)

  • Black or grey trousers, skirts or shorts

  • Royal blue check dress (summer only)

  • White or black socks (or tights)

  • Sensible shoes with an enclosed toe and plenty of support. Shoes must be either black or navy.

  • Newtown book bags, bags, hats and beanies are available (Stitch2Print can initial these)

logo sweatshirt.jpg
logo cardigan.jpg
newtown book bag.jpg

Royal Blue Sweatshirt with Logo-S2P

Royal Blue Cardigan with Logo-S2P

Newtown Logo Bookbag-S2P

Jacket-ROY-500x500 - Fleece.jpg

Royal Blue Fleece with Logo-S2P

Polo Shirt with Logo-S2P

PE Top with Logo-S2P

Newtown School Shorts-S2P

String Bag with Logo-S2P

Backpack with Logo-S2P

Beanie with Logo-S2P

Cap with Logo-S2P

Water Bottle & Holder-S2P

PE Kit

· Children need a clearly named PE bag for storing their t-shirt, shorts and trainers.

· Black shorts

· White t-shirt (a logoed white t-shirt is available from Stitch2Print and can be initialled at no extra cost)

· Trainers or plimsolls are needed for outdoor PE (a change of footwear from the school shoe). It is safest for children to work in bare feet when indoors and using apparatus . Pupils should NOT wear astro-turf trainers at any time.

· Black tracksuits can be worn for outdoor PE in the winter


Hair / Cosmetics

We expect hair that is longer than shoulder length to be tied back at all times (boys and girls). Hair should be of a natural colour. Hair accessories must be plain, simple and suitable for all PE lessons.  Hair should not have lines or patterns shaved into it.  No make-up or nail varnish to be worn.


Jewellery is not part of our school uniform. Only one plain stud earring is allowed in each ear. No other body piercing will be acceptable. Please ensure that any studs are removed or protected / covered with micro-pore tape when taking part in any PE activity. We expect parents to provide the tape .  Jewellery which is worn for religious observance must be agreed with the Headteacher. We cannot accept any responsibility for lost or broken precious items if they find their way into school.

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